Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2018

Seoul is undoubtedly a city with a unique sense of identity. The vibrant energy of the younger generation is particularly noticeable. The creativity I have seen in Seoul has never been more prominent than when I visited Seoul Fashion Week. The event was held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is commonly referred to as the […]

Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

At Seoul National University, there is a program for international exchange students called “SNU Buddy”. The program matches groups of exchange students with Korean “buddies” who want to help foreigners adjust to life in Korea as well as introduce and explain aspects of Korean culture. This program has so far been extremely helpful and has […]

President Trump and Jerusalem

Regardless of your political stance or opinions regarding the United States government, it is hard not to talk about President Donald Trump when discussing international affairs these days. Just a few weeks ago, President Trump made the monumental decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the United States embassy in […]

The Angolan Cultural Night- Event #2 Fall 2017

This Fall I had the honor of participating in the Angolan Cultural Night. Once again, I did not really seek out this opportunity, but I was asked to walk for their fashion show and I decided it would be a fun opportunity. Many other members of the International Advisory Committee Executive team also participated, which […]

Diwali Night- Event #1 Fall 2017

This Fall I danced in the India Student Association’s annual Diwali Night. I danced last Spring in their India Night performance and it was such a wonderful experience. This semester I did not really seek out the opportunity, but I was asked to dance again and it was hard to refuse. Originally, I was going […]

International Group: Foreign Film Club

This semester, I was a part of the student-run foreign film club. The majority of us in the club are Global Engagement Fellows, so our meetings are a good way for us to stay connected and learn about study abroad opportunities as well as international events on campus. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet very […]

International Event: Forum on Immigration Policies

On February 1st, I attended the forum about immigration policies sponsored by CIS.  People in the audience wrote  questions on a piece of paper to ask the members of the panel; and naturally, many of the questions revolved around the recent policies implemented by the Trump administration. I would like to engage critically with the […]

International Event: Into the Mainstream

On May 2nd, I attended the event titled “Into the Mainstream” which was a presentation on the rise of populism in Europe by Dr. Reinhard Heinisch, professor and chair of Austrian Comparative Politics at the University of Salzburg. This lecture was particularly intriguing given the current elections going on in European nations and the elections […]