Being Foreign in Korea

A lot of people have asked me what it was like being a foreigner in South Korea. Korea is an extremely homogenous society and people identify very strongly with their Korean heritage. Generally, my experience was very positive. I was never personally discriminated against or felt unwelcome by Korean people. Being foreign in Korea was, […]

Aspects of Korean Culture

If you are reading this, hopefully you are considering going to Korea. In this post I would like to discuss some aspects of Korean culture that I learned while in Korea. Some of these things I wish I knew before I went to Korea, but you really have to be immersed in the culture to […]

Korean Food Trends

In the previous post I discussed a bit about traditional Korean food. Traditional restaurants can still be found all across Korea, and many of traditional eating habits are still a part of daily life here. However, as is the case in every country, South Korea’s eating habits are influenced by trends and globalization. The younger […]

The Wonderful World of Korean Food

I love Korean food. I mean I really really love it. Very early on in my semester I already knew I would miss Korean food after my semester. I would like to discuss some of the basics of Korean food and food culture. Although I could also go on and on about my favorite foods, […]

Transportation in Korea Part II

This is a continuation of my previous post on transportation systems in Korea. Part II Taxis: Note that my experience with taxis are limited entirely to Seoul. In my opinion, taxis are a last resort if you cannot take a bus or metro to reach your destination. Orange is good: Take the orange or white […]

Transportation in Korea Part I

The most important thing for anyone to learn when they come to Korea is the transportation system. Mastering all forms of transportation is what separates the tourists from the locals and is therefore essential to learn if you are spending any significant amount of time in Korea. Of course, before I came to Korea I […]

Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2018

Seoul is undoubtedly a city with a unique sense of identity. The vibrant energy of the younger generation is particularly noticeable. The creativity I have seen in Seoul has never been more prominent than when I visited Seoul Fashion Week. The event was held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is commonly referred to as the […]

Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

At Seoul National University, there is a program for international exchange students called “SNU Buddy”. The program matches groups of exchange students with Korean “buddies” who want to help foreigners adjust to life in Korea as well as introduce and explain aspects of Korean culture. This program has so far been extremely helpful and has […]

President Trump and Jerusalem

Regardless of your political stance or opinions regarding the United States government, it is hard not to talk about President Donald Trump when discussing international affairs these days. Just a few weeks ago, President Trump made the monumental decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the United States embassy in […]