International Group: Foreign Film Club

This semester, I was a part of the student-run foreign film club. The majority of us in the club are Global Engagement Fellows, so our meetings are a good way for us to stay connected and learn about study abroad opportunities as well as international events on campus. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet very […]

International Event: Forum on Immigration Policies

On February 1st, I attended the forum about immigration policies sponsored by CIS.  People in the audience wrote  questions on a piece of paper to ask the members of the panel; and naturally, many of the questions revolved around the recent policies implemented by the Trump administration. I would like to engage critically with the […]

International Event: Into the Mainstream

On May 2nd, I attended the event titled “Into the Mainstream” which was a presentation on the rise of populism in Europe by Dr. Reinhard Heinisch, professor and chair of Austrian Comparative Politics at the University of Salzburg. This lecture was particularly intriguing given the current elections going on in European nations and the elections […]

9th Reflection

“How do you feel [your semester] went? What did you enjoy the most? The least? In what ways have you changed or grown since arriving at OU? How do you feel about that? What are your goals for the next semester and the rest of your time at OU?” My first semester was awful and […]

Honors Reading Group with Jaci and Genevieve

This semester I chose to be a part of an honors reading group led by Jaci (the Global Engagement Fellowship director) and Genevieve (the Arabic flagship assistant director). The particular reading group I was a part of covered two books about the current state of refugees particularly from the Middle East. Although the Honors College […]

8th Reflection

“How have you liked learning how to put together your digital story? What have you gotten out of Rachel’s visits? Do you think the knowledge you’re gaining is something you’ll use in the future?” Over the past few weeks I have been attempting to create my digital story with the help of Rachel. Although the […]

7th Reflection

“How is your digital story coming together so far? Do you have any questions or concerns? Anything you’re really excited about?” Jaci’s class requires each student to create a digital story as the final project. For my digital story, it wasn’t very easy to come up with an idea at first. I haven’t ever been […]

6th Reflection

“How do you hope to incorporate your experiences as a Global Engagement Fellow into your future career? How much of an impact do you think it will make? What will you do to maximize its impact?” An engineering degree from any university hold a tremendous amount of value in the modern job market. However, the […]