1st Reflection

Every story has perspective. Even the history textbooks filled with the names of people and places with historical significance are, to some extent, subject to bias. By all means, the vast range of material available today should compensate for some of the discrepancies; however, I feel as though my knowledge has been limited to very few sources. While there are countless numbers of stories available covering every topic imaginable and in every medium,  one can only absorb so much information. Once we hear one story on a single topic, we tend to cease searching for more information. Instead, we dub ourselves automatic experts or we think we know enough to get by.

Much like Americans have skewed perceptions of other cultures, the rest of the world may also have a limited view of the United States. Thanks to Hollywood and America’s thriving pop culture, many people around the world may be under the impression that every American lives on the beach or drives million dollar cars. In order to change this perception, I will do my best to interact with the international students here on OU’s campus and teach them more about the American experience. In addition, I will attempt to represent the United States as accurately as possible when I go abroad and avoid making generalizations. Ultimately, ignorance is one of the most dangerous faults in modern society, so it is imperative that everyone makes an effort to improve the situation and educate one another on topics that we may not have adequate knowledge of.

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  1. I totally agree with what you’re saying, especially that “Ignorance is one of the most dangerous faults in modern society.” We are so quick to dismiss input on things we feel like we already know.

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