International Group: Foreign Film Club

This semester, I was a part of the student-run foreign film club. The majority of us in the club are Global Engagement Fellows, so our meetings are a good way for us to stay connected and learn about study abroad opportunities as well as international events on campus. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet very often this semester due to all of us taking on very heavy work loads, but our time together was still beneficial. I particularly enjoyed the movie we watched early on in the semester titled The Kite Runner. The movie is about the life of a young boy and his friendship in Afghanistan during the tumultuous events that led up to the exodus of Afghan refugees and the Taliban regime. The primary language was Dari, the variety of Persian used in Afghanistan, but there was also some phrases in English, Urdu, and Arabic as well as English subtitles. I won’t spoil the movie for anyone, but I highly recommend the film and you may want to bring some tissues as a few of us cried a little bit.

Hopefully next semester, the Foreign Film Club can meet more often as we have all been anticipating watching a Brazilian movie in the near future. The medium of cinema is the perfect way for those of us on campus who are interested in international topics to learn in a very natural and simple way about different cultures from every  corner of the globe. Additionally, each of us in the club have our own specialized knowledge of different regions, so we can often educate each other about aspects of certain regions and their cultures that may not be evident in the films. The Foreign Film Club has been one of the highlights of my semester, and I am excited to see how the club grown next year.

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